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Maryland Discourse is a non-partisan and politically neutral organization that works to create a more politically, culturally, and socially aware engaged campus community at the University of Maryland.

Bringing Together All Perspectives

Maryland Discourse brings students from across the University of Maryland together for productive and civil conversation through events revolved around contemporary issues. While we promote respectful dialogue, we do not try to create consensus nor do we attempt to bring students to the political center. Instead, we bring people - professors, professionals, and students - from all perspectives into conversation with one another to share differing perspectives and ideas about topics. We also aim to educate students about key socio-political issues.

How does Maryland Discourse achieve its mission?
Let's Talk About It.


Through guest speakers and student debates, Maryland Discourse brings diverse political and social perspectives to campus each month.

Political Review

The Maryland Political Review provides students with a forum to write, read, and debate about the issues that matter to them.

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